In the emerging era of personalized, genomics-driven medicine, leading research institutes and major pharmaceutical and healthcare companies increasingly rely on next-gen sequencing technologies to facilitate human disease research and develop clinical diagnostics solutions. At this workshop you will hear from renowned genomics leaders from around the world applying BGI’s state-of-the-art trans-omic technologies and bioinformatics tools to revolutionize disease research and consumer genomics.

San Diego Convention Center, Rm 9 - Upper Level   Monday, October 20, 2014, 12:30 - 2:00 PM


12:30 - 12:50 PM: To Share the Opportunities, to Share the Future
Huanming Yang, Ph.D., Chairman and Professor, BGI
Dr. Huanming Yang is a globally recognized leader in genetic and genomic research. In 1999, he founded BGI, currently the largest genomics organization in the world. Dr. Yang was elected a foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences in 2014 and a member of the Germany National Academy of Sciences in 2012. In 2011, Dr. Yang was named to a US Presidential Commission subcommittee for the Study of Bioethical Issues, and received the Chen Award by HUGO. Previous awards include Research Leader of the Year by Scientific American in 2002 and Award in Biology by the Third World Academy of Sciences in 2006.
12:50 - 1:10 PM: Would Big Data Really Shift the Paradigm of Life Science?
Yingrui Li, CEO, BGI Tech
Mr. Yingrui Li is the Chief Executive Officer of BGI Tech. Previously, he served as the Director of Science and Technology and the Head of Bioinformatics at BGI. Yingrui was instrumental in the development of SOAP (Short Oligonucleotide Alignment Program), a widely used software to gap and ungap alignment of short oligonucleotides onto reference sequences, providing full solution to next generation sequencing data analysis. His work has been published in numerous peer reviewed scientific journals, including Nature, Nature Genetics, Nature Biotechnology, and BMC Bioinformatics.
1:10 - 1:30 PM: The Y Chromosome and its Usefulness for Understanding Human History
Justin Loe
, CEO, Full Genomes Corporation
In 2012, Mr. Justin Loe founded Full Genomes Corp (FGC) as a provider of NGS Sequencing of the Y chromosome to genetic genealogy hobbyists. FGC established the first direct to consumer test of the Y chromosome using NGS technology, which remains the most comprehensive Y chromosome test available to consumers today, FGC has also developed leading edge bioinformatics tools for the analysis of Y chromosome data. Justin graduated with a MS in Bioinformatics from Johns Hopkins University and worked in neuroscience and cognitive psychology at George Mason University, NIMH, and University of Virginia.

1:30 - 1:50 PM: Interrogating the Genetic Landscape for Congenital Heart Disease in Mice
Cecilia Lo, Ph.D., Professor & Chair, Dept. of Developmental Biology, University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Cecilia Lo is a developmental biologist with a passion for cardiovascular development and congenital heart disease. She received her BS degree from MIT and PhD from Rockefeller University. After postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School, she joined University of Pennsylvania and became a full Professor in Biology. In 2001, she moved to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute as Chief of the Laboratory of Developmental Biology and in 2004, further appointed as the Director of the Genetics and Developmental Biology Center. Dr. Lo relocated in 2009 as the founding Chair and Professor of the new Department of Developmental Biology in the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and holds the F. Sargent Cheever Chair.

*Lunch will be served to the first 200 attendees. Please note that there is no advance registration for this workshop. Spaces are limited, so please come early.

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