Cloud Computing Hardware

Cloud Computing

BGI has several independent supercomputing centers, which provides a total peak performance of up to 102 T flops, 20 TB memory, and 10 PB storage. The two centers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong are two of the top bioinformatics supercomputing centers in the world. BGI is currently installing a supercomputer system with 1 Pflops peak performance, which will be in service by the end of 2010.

Bio-cloud computing provides synthesized, self-help, and customized tools for the public. It is also a stable and efficient platform for storage, processing, and analysis of massive bioinformatics data, which allows users to perform extensive bioinformatics analyses, with superb data management and graphical viewing options. The BGI team has and continues to integrate bioinformatics tools developed in-house into the BGI Cloud Computing platform, including the short oligonucleotide alignment program (SOAP) and de novo assembly tools. BGI also provides independent computing and storage services, database service, training seminars, scientific consulting, and bioinformatics server-setup services.

Location Number of Processors Memory Capacity Global Storage Peak Performance
Shenzhen 7,236 14.5 TB 7.08 PB 75 T flops
Hong Kong 2,400 4.7 TB 2.8 PB 25 T flops
Beijing 300 500 GB 110 TB 1.5 T flops
Hangzhou 64 300 GB 13 TB 0.5 T flops
Total 10,000 20 TB 10 PB 102 T flops

In addition to storage with our cloud computing platform, we offer two other services: