Empowering Our Customers Through Breadth and Depth

As your premier scientific partner, we provide a variety of genomic solutions to meet your research needs. Our goal of building a library of digital life produces new collaborations and partnerships worldwide, which create efficient, accurate, and reliable sequencing services to support all types of genomic research.  

Sequencing services platform:

  • de novo Sequencing: Initial sequencing that results in the primary genetic sequence of animals and plants
  • Whole Genome Resequencing: Resequencing of human, animal, and plant genomes where a reference sequence is available
  • RNA Sequencing: Sequence data for the study of all transcriptional activities, from both coding and non-coding genomic regions, in any organism
  • Disease Research: Analyses that focus on identifying and understanding the genetic basis for rare monogenic diseases and complex diseases
  • Epigenomics: Global analysis of epigenetic changes across the entire genome
  • Microbial Sequencing: de novo and re-sequencing the genomes of pathogenic organisms
  • Others: Sequencing BACs, fosmids, and chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes