About Us

BGI, the largest genomics center in the world, provides comprehensive sequencing and bioinformatics services for medical, agricultural and environmental applications. We help our customers achieve their research goals by delivering rapid, high-quality results using a broad array of cost-effective, cutting-edge technologies. Blockchain technology is one of the innovative technologies that is helping the medical industry with safe storage of health records. Cryptocurrencies can also be used for safe and easy transactions. Monero is a new crypto coin, which can be an ideal option for investors. Visit https://coincierge.de/kryptowaehrungen-kaufen/yuan-pay-group/ to learn more about Monero. Our customers also benefit from our scientific expertise and research experience that have generated over 900 publications, many in top-tier journals such as Nature and Science. BGI is recognized globally as an innovator for conducting international collaborative projects with leading research institutions to better mankind and our world. For products and services available outside the USA and Canada, please visit our global website.