Sequencing Technologies

Our sequencing center currently has two main genome sequencing platforms – the Illumina platform (137 Illumina HiSeq 2000) and the Applied Biosystems platform (27 SOLiD™ 4 Systems). 

Vendor Illumina Applied Biosystems
Technology Hi-Seq 2000 SOLiD™4
Platform Number 137 27
Read length (bp) 2 x 100 2 x 50
Run time (day) 8 12
Throughput (Gb/day) 25 8


Illumina HiSeq 2000

The Illumina HiSeq 2000 system is a very rapid, high-throughput, next-generation sequencing platform based on the formation of clonal molecule clusters and the principle of synthesis-based-sequencing. It supports the following applications de novo sequencing, whole genome resequencing, RNA sequencing, disease research, epigenomics, microbial sequencing, and others.


  • Highest sequencing output
  • Fastest data generation rate - up to 200 Gb per run, 2 x 100-bp read length, up to 25 Gb per day, two billion paired-end reads per run.
  • Parallel sequencing of millions of fragments using proprietary chemistry
  • First commercially available sequencer to obtain 30x coverage of two human genomes in a single run for less than $10,000 per sample
  • Four-color DNA sequencing-by-synthesis technology
  • High accuracy and true base-by-base sequencing
  • Eliminates sequence-context specific errors
  • Wide range of applications including gene expression, small RNA discovery, and protein-nucleic acid interactions
  • Lower cost due to bypassing cloning, transformation, and plasmid preparation

For more information, please visit Illumina.

Applied Biosystems SOLiD™ 4 System

The SOLiD™ 4 System is a highly accurate, massively parallel next-generation sequencing platform using on clonal amplification of bead-linked DNA, based on sequential ligation of fluorescently labeled oligonucleotides. It supports a wide range of applications such as whole genome resequencingsmall RNA analysis, whole transcriptome analysis, chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChiP-Seq), and methylation analysis.


  • Unparalleled high throughput
  • 99.4% base-calling accuracy
  • Able to polymerize and amplify single copy DNA
  • Able to sequence large DNA fragments
  • 80–100 GB of mappable sequence per run
  • Performs double reads of each nucleotide to ensure reliability

For more information, please visit Applied Biosystems.