Humanitarian Initiatives

BGI believes in the principles of moral conduct and integrity, as well as corporate social responsibility. We strive to contribute to society through our science, innovation and expertise. Below is a short list of our efforts towards this goal.

Scaling Mt. Everest — a Zero Kilometer Act
On May 22, 2010, the President of BGI and a group of mountaineers succeeded in reaching the summit of Everest. They opened a flag of the 2010 World Expo at the highest point on earth. Ascending Everest was part of a public campaign to call for solutions for sorting and recycling waste. Additionally, BGI scientists carried out research during the climb, collecting blood and microorganism samples at different altitudes for scientific analysis and discovery. 

DNA Identification of Indian Ocean Tsunami Victims
At the end of 2004, BGI sent a team of five members to aid in relief efforts after the devastating Tsunami in Thailand. The institute provided sequencing services  to identify the victims.

SARS Project
In 2003, BGI completed the genome sequence of the SARS virus within 36 hours and developed a first generation of kit for detecting the virus. The institute donated 300,000 of these test kits for use in clinical applications.