Bacterial Genome Sequencing

As of October 2009, the genome sequences of 1,535 bacteria, 49 fungi, and 71 archaebacteria have been published. With NGS technology and a strong bioinformatics platform, BGI provides excellent microbial genome sequencing services. The NGS technology produces more than 100X sequence coverage for most bacterial genomes. The assembly and analysis of a fine map can be completed within 30 working days. The finish time of the perfect map does depend on the number of gaps generated from standard assembly. 



Data analysis includes:

  1. Genome assembly: statistics of raw data, coverage of the whole genome, and genome assembly
  2. Gene annotation: coding gene prediction, repeat identification, and non-coding RNA prediction
  3. Gene functional annotation: COG classification and KEGG pathway analyses
  4. Synteny analysis and gene family analysis (the genome of the relevant species is required.