Service Solutions

BGI offers a broad array of services, expertise and cutting edge technologies on a wide range of samples, including FFPE samples, under strict quality controls.

Human MHC-Seq

ALLinONE Whole Genome Resequencing Target Region Sequencing de novo Sequencing Whole Genome Mapping Genotyping Sanger Sequencing Human MHC-Seq Single Cell DNA Sequencing Proteome Profiling Protein Identification Phosphoproteomics Analysis

Metagenomics Proteomics LncRNA Sequencing

ChipSeq MeDIP Seq RRBS Bi-Sulfite Sequencing Small RNA Sequencing RNA-seq Quantification Single-cell RNA sequencing Target Proteomics Quantitative Proteomics Epigenomics Genomics RNA-Seq Transcriptome Transcriptomics Comparative Analysis Exome Sequencing