BGI Tech announces the launch of the Ion Proton™ RNA-Seq service based on state-of-the-art Ion Proton sequencing platform. Using the next generation semiconductor technology, sequencing can be completed in just a few hours. Combined with our powerful bioinformatics analysis, our Ion Proton RNA-Seq service can be applied to drug response studies, biomarker detection, agronomic trait research, basic medical research, and drug R&D.



Promotional offers:

Get the following Advanced Bioinformatics Analysis for FREE!
(when you order Ion Proton RNA-Seq service with standard bioinformatics analysis* for 5 or more samples)
  1. PCA (Principal Component Analysis)

    Find outliners, strong associations, and clusters.

  2. Condition-specific expression analysis
    Unravel the biological processes taking place in particular tissues and identify candidate biomarkers


*The Standard Bioinformatics Analysis for RNA-Seq includes:

  1. Data filtering including the removal of adaptors, contaminations, and low-quality reads
  2. Assessment of sequencing data
  3. Gene expression annotation
  4. Differential gene expression analysis
  5. Expression pattern analysis
  6. Gene ontology classification and enrichment analysis
  7. Pathway enrichment analysis
  8. Protein-protein interaction network analysis

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