BAC/Fosmid End Sequencing

End sequencing is used primarily for choosing purpose clones and estimating the results of the genome assembly.


Figure 7. Workflow of BAC/Fosmid end sequencing


Bioinformatics Contents:

Bioinformatics content consists of basic data analysis processing, including base calling, vector removal, etc.

Sample Requirements:

For fresh bacteria provide a single sample size of at least 500 μL or a batch sample of at least 50 μL in a 96-well plate; Vector information, sequencing primer, resistance, and fragment size should be confirmed.

Turnaround Time:

For inducible samples the standard turnaround time using the workflow (above) is 6 to 7 working days.

Completion Milestone:

The project completion milestone is based on a quality score of(Q20), with read lengths of > 450 bp.