BGI has handled over 50,000 samples from all over the world. We have proven expertise in sample handling and tracking to ensure that your samples arrive safely and ready for analysis. We have chosen to build our main sequencing facility in Hong Kong specifically to make this process easier for our customers.

Sample Shipping Address

Consignee’s Name

Sample Management Center

Attn: Ms. April Wong

Company’s Name:

BGI Tech Solutions (HongKong) Co., Ltd

Consignee’s Address:

1/F, 16th Dai Fu Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po, Hong Kong

Contact No.:

+852-3610 3511/ +852-9683 9836


[email protected]


Please be informed that Hong Kong has no postal code/ zip code. To avoid delay/ loss of sample due to mis-routing, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOT TO PUT any China/ CN postal/ zip code in the address, or “China”/ “CN” in the address. In case “Country” is needed, please use “Hong Kong”.

Requirements for Sample Transfer

Sample Packing:

1. For DNA and RNA Samples:

For DNA and RNA samples, it is suggested to use 1.5ml Eppendorf tubes. In order to avoid crushing during transfer which may cause sample loss, it is recommended to put the Eppendorf tube in a 50ml centrifuge tube or other sustainers. Additionally, cotton and absorbent paper can be used for fixation.

2. RNA and Tissue Samples

RNA and tissue samples should be transferred in dry ice within 72 hours, regardless of what kind of solvent they are dissolved in.

3. Tube Packing for all Samples:

Please use Parafilm membrane to seal the tube during transfer. Transferring samples dissolved in organic solvents, like absolute ethanol or isopropanol, is not recommended because it may lead to leaks or even cross contamination. If it is absolutely necessary to transfer samples dissolved in organic solvents, then please seal the mouth of the Eppendorf tube with at least 10 circles containing Parafilm membrane.

Sample Identification:

1. Sample Labeling:

Do not write names or other information directly on the tube wall or lid. It is recommended to write on label paper with an oil pen, and then use scotch tape to attach the label around the tube wall in the shape of a circle (to avoid dissolving the mark by organic solvents and prevent the label paper from falling off, which would otherwise lead to failure of sample application).

2. Sample Information:

Please attach the standard sample information sheet (both the electronic version and the paper version) provided by our institute, when shipping samples. Please make sure that the sample name and the required amount on the sample information sheet is the same as that of the actual sample.  

Suggestions for Shipping Samples in Dry Ice (DNA samples):

To send dry-ice accompanied samples to Hong Kong, the courier service we recommended is DHL (

Because shipping dry-iced goods requires special packaging, please inform the courier about the dry ice content for special instructions. For more details, please consult the courier’s local representatives. In addition to DHL, you can use other couriers as well if they can ship dry ice packages and have a local contact in Hong Kong for tracking purposes. Please note that Hong Kong is under the British system, therefore, shipping to Hong Kong is much faster than shipping to mainland China. It usually takes up to 2 days to ship from the United States to Hong Kong. Depending upon the quality of the insulated shipping container and the samples, 5 to 10 pounds of dry ice should be used for each 24-hour period.  We recommend using a minimum of 5 pounds and ideally 8 pounds of dry ice. In addition,  please try to minimize airway and verify that the package is labeled correctly for the specific samples for better assurance and care.

Official Declaration Letter for Customs:

When the samples are ready, please kindly help to prepare an official and signed declaration letter (template: Affix I) for Hong Kong Customs. In the letter, please give a general description of the sample (e.g. source/ use/ quantity) and clarify that the sample is neither hazardous, infectious, HIV positive, dangerous, toxic nor radioactive. Please attach the declaration letter with the sample, and send BGI a copy.

Furthermore, please inform BGI about the name of the courier and the tracking No. of the shipment, so BGI can help with any potential issues that arise after shipment. (Note: contact e-mail address is [email protected])