DNA magnifiedBGI provides a comprehensive array of genomic solutions to meet your diverse research needs. Offering the widest range of sequencing services available today, with applications in human, plant and animal, and microbial research, we can provide innovative, affordable, and reliable solutions for virtually any genomic challenge our customers and collaborators may face. Our facilities feature next-generation and Sanger sequencing technologies, providing the highest throughput sequencing capacity in the world. We ascribe to the highest standards in genomics solutions for sample preparation, sequencing experiment design, and customized bioinformatics analysis, providing fast, accurate, and reliable sequencing services to support all types of genomic research.

Our genomics solutions include:

de novo Sequencing

  1. Plant & Animal De Novo Sequencing
  2. Complete Bacterial Genome Map
  3. De Novo Fungal Genome Sequencing

Whole Genome Resequencing

  1. Human
  2. Plant and Animal
  3. Microbial

Exome Sequencing
Target Region Sequencing
Genotyping by Sequencing
Whole Genome Mapping
Single-cell DNA Sequencing
Human MHC Sequencing