Mouse Exome Sequencing
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Our solution utilizes Agilent SureSelect XT Mouse All Exon Kit, whose 50 Mb capture covers the complete mouse exome and spans over 221,784 exons and 24,306 genes. The content was developed based on the current UCSC mm9 mouse genome build. A BED file with the exon and gene annotation is available on the Agilent Array website. Combined with BGI’s powerful next-generation sequencing platform and bioinformatics analysis capability, we have become one of the most important centers for mouse genome research.


  1. Highly effective: Designed towards specific species; more effective for capturing the mouse exons
  2. Wide detection range: Capture both common and rare variants
  3. Highly cost-effective: Focus on ~1% of the genome where most disease- or trait-related variations are located.

Here we sequenced 7 mouse exomes to evaluate the data quality. After enrichment, we sequenced the exomes using HiSeq 2000 and over 2.5 Gb of clean data was generated for each sample.

Our results suggest that the mouse exome capture platform can capture all exons and generate high quality data that is comparable with human exome sequencing results for reliable SNP detection. Our mouse exome sequencing platform offers a highly efficient and cost-effective way to investigate the mouse genome information.

BGI adopts Agilent SureSelect XT Mouse All Exon Kit to capture the mouse exome. The enriched exome library passing QC is sequenced by Illumina Hiseq 2000, and the output data is analyzed by BGI's standard bioinformatics pipeline.

Sample Requirements:

For the genomic DNA samples you will provide us:
  1. Purity: OD 260/280=1.8~2.0, without degradation and RNA contamination
  2. Concentration: ≥30ng/μl
  3. Quantity demanded: ≥30μg (using NimbleGen Sequence Capture Array when the targeted region is larger than 17Mb) or ≥6μg (using Agilent SureSelect System or using NimbleGen Sequence Capture Array when the targeted region is smaller than 17Mb).