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Message from Chairman - Dr. Yang

Science can never be done alone, and BGI’s rich history is best represented by its extensive international collaborative activities from its very beginnings. We were one of the core centers for the Human Genome Sequencing Consortium and the International HapMap Consortium, and we continue to be for many ongoing endeavors, such as the 1000 genome project.

We all recognize that genomics is in its beginning. Its sustainable development and translation to application present unimaginable future challenges for us. Thus, international collaboration is more important than ever before.
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BGI (formerly Beijing Genomics Institute) was formed as a top-tier scientific research organization. In the years since our founding we have established a proven track record of innovative, high-profile research which has been published in over 900 journal articles, many in top-tier journals. Our goal now is to use our expertise to make leading-edge genomics highly accessible to the global research community through our investment in infrastructure that leverages the industry’s best technology, economies of scale and expert bioinformatics resources. This enables and empowers researchers to quickly migrate from data to discovery. We are a not-for-profit institute which enables us to keep our pricing low to assist customers in achieving their scientific goals cost-effectively. Proceeds from our fee-for-service business are channeled into further research programs. We still do our own research for scientific advancement and the betterment of mankind.

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