De novo Sequencing of Cell Line

Cell lines have been widely used in drug research and production relative to the molecular mechanism of disease development, selection of biomarkers in drug R&D, and bioengineering for producing protein-based drugs and vaccines, etc. The genomes of cell lines may contain large-scale rearrangements. Clear understanding of the genomic background of clonal populations and cell lines is important for proper cell line selection. Selecting the proper cell line increases the relevance of the results and impacts the ability to interpret the validity of results in the context of the test system. Existing re-sequencing-based methods for calling structural variations from short sequencing reads have limitations: 1) they favor discovery of particular limited length or types of SVs, 2) they are unable to identify SVs at single nucleotide resolution, and 3) they provide low accuracy and validation rate of SV identification. BGI has been able to successfully overcome these obstacles with de novo cell line sequencing and now offers this capability as a service.

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