DEL Sequencing

DEL (DNA-Encoded Chemical Library) is a new technology for the construction and screening of large sets of small molecule ligands to proteins of interest (targets) identified during the early discovery stage. Conventional screening methods, such as high-throughput screening based on enzymatic activity of the target proteins or by displacement of labeled ligands, are expensive and complex. They often result in hits of unacceptable quality and shrinkage of the number of compounds that need to be re-evaluated. The availability of DEL sequencing enables researchers to tackle historically difficult “undruggable” target proteins and accelerates the process of compounds screening. BGI’s sequencing platform makes full use of Illumina sequencers and technological advantages to decode large DNA-encoded chemical libraries containing thousands or even millions of compounds with rapid turnaround time, efficient cost, and high-quality, reliable results.

To learn more, download the DEL Sequencing brochure.