Data & Analysis

Redefining the “Possible” of Genomics

Recognized as one of the world’s largest and most productive bioinformatics research facilities, we don’t just use sequencing technologies, our scientific teams create them. Some of these technologies were once considered impossible, but were made possible by the expertise gained by BGI in working with the world’s largest genomics pipeline—capable of sequencing 30,000 human genomes a year. At BGI’s Bioinformatics Center, there are over 1000 scientists focused on data processing and management, bioinformatics analysis and computational tools development, supporting large-scale DNA sequencing by maximizing the utility of huge genome data. The Center includes multiple supercomputing platforms with a total of 157 TFlops peak floating-point computing capability, 33 Tb RAM, and 12.6 PB storage.

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Bioinformatics Software

BGI has developed a variety of bioinformatics tools, such as the SOAP series software, for next-generation sequencing data analysis. A full list of BGI’s proprietary software can be found at this page.

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Bioinformatics Analysis

Empowered by world-class supercomputing platforms, state-of-the-art analysis tools and experienced bioinformaticians, BGI delivers industry-leading bioinformatics analysis in support of our sequencing services. Common and advanced bioinformatics analysis offered by BGI is interpreted in this section.

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Cloud Computing

One of the challenges researchers have to face in the next generation sequencing era is storing, processing and mining the unprecedented, massive amount of data. BGI provides high-performance and cost-effective solutions through our cutting edge cloud computing technology.

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Data Security

Data security, confidentiality and reliability are essential to high-value bioinformatics research. BGI offers industry leading customer data protection through its comprehensive data management system.