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iTRAQ Quantitative Proteomics - 20% OFF

iTRAQ (isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantitation) is a relatively new technique used in quantitative proteomics. The technique labels the digested peptides from different samples using different isobaric labeling reagents, identifies and quantifies the proteins from their peptide levels, and conducts the relative and absolute quantitation for up to eight samples. This technique can be utilized to compare the protein expression level from samples with different physiological conditions or stages of diseases and is ideal for screening differential protein expressions, finding key proteins, and investigating their functions.


  • Proteins from eight samples can be identified and quantified simultaneously.
  • iTRAQ is widely used in analyzing tissues from animals, plants, microorganisms, body fluid, plasma, cell line, etc.
  • The technique has high reproducibility.
  • The technique has highly accuracy.

The promotion includes the following services:

iTRAQ labeling, LC-MS/MS, and standard bioinformatics analysis

Standard bioinformatics analysis includes:

  1. Data statistics
  2. Protein identification
  3. Protein quantification

We also provide advanced bioinformatics service and customized analysis to meet your unique requirements.

Turnaround time: 4 weeks (28 days)
Amount of proteins needed:
500 μg

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