Message from Chairman - Dr. Yang

On behalf of BGI (formerly known as Beijing Genomics Institute), I welcome you to explore this website and learn more about our branch in the Americas. BGI Americas serves as an interface between our collaborators in the Americas and BGI’s headquarter.

Science can never be done alone, and BGI’s rich history is best represented by its extensive international collaborative activities from its very beginnings. We were one of the core centers for the Human Genome Sequencing Consortium and the International HapMap Consortium, and we continue to be for many ongoing endeavors, such as the 1000 genome project.

BGI has established close relationships with many institutes, universities, and organizations throughout the world and is well known as a cooperative and effective team player. Not only do these collaborations provide knowledge for basic research, but also immediate benefits for applications. Scientists across many fields are utilizing these data for the development of better crops and livestock; for diagnostics, prognostics, and therapies for cancer; and for neurological disorders and other complex diseases. We all recognize that genomics is in its beginning. Its sustainable development and translation to application present unimaginable future challenges for us. Thus, international collaboration is more important than ever before.

By working with collaborators worldwide in the scientific, agricultural, and medical communities, we believe tremendous contributions can be made to quickly and effectively promote the translational process.

Sincerely Yours,

Huanming (Henry) Yang

Chairman, BGI