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Individual or Population Whole Genome Resequencing in Plants & Animals

Whole-genome resequencing is to sequence an individual or population when the whole genome sequence of that species is already known. By comparing the sequences among individuals or populations, one can discover genetic variations related to functional elements useful for molecular breeding or other applications.


  1. Molecular assisted breeding
  2. Finding functional genes
  3. Mining genetic resources
  4. Accelerating gene modifications

Promotion content:

  1. $199/library construction
  2. $159/Gb clean data (including sequencing & standard bioinformatics)
  3. $219/Gb clean data for individual resequencing (including sequencing, standard & advanced bioinformatics)
  4. $369/Gb clean data for population resequencing (including sequencing, standard & advanced bioinformatics)

Standard bioinformatics includes:

  • Basic analysis of sequencing data
  • Alignment
  • Data statistics
  • SNP calling, annotation and statistics

Advanced bioinformatics (Individual) includes:

  1. InDel detection, annotation and statistics
  2. SV detection, annotation and statistics

Advanced bioinformatics (Population) includes:

  1. Linkage disequilibrium (LD) analysis
  2. Phylogenetic tree analysis (Phylogeny tree)
  3. Genetic structure analysis (Structure)
  4. Principal component Analysis (PCA)
  5. Polymorphism analysis
  6. ShortInDel detection and annotation (Population InDel annotation)
  7. SV detection and annotation

Sample amount: 3μg DNA/sample
short-read insert size (< 1 kb)
PE91 or PE101, HiSeq2000 platform
Turnaround time: 40-50 business days for up to 20 samples.

BGI Advantages:

  • Deep experience in high throughput genome sequencing
  • Fast turnaround time and competitively priced
  • Professional bioinformatics teams
  • Customized analysis for your specific requirements

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