BGI Tech has launched the Agilent SureSelectXT Human Methyl-Seq service, a cost-effective contactus65x53approach for analyzing the methylation status of cytosine sites of specific regions within the human genome.

This approach combines Agilent SureSelect target region enrichment platform with bisulfite sequencing- the gold standard for DNA methylation analysis, and enables the most comprehensive coverage of disease related regions to accelerate your epigenetic studies and complex disease research.

Designed contents:
84Mb design, 3.7M CpGs
CpG islands
known cancer tissue specific DMRs
GENCODE promoters
CpG islands shelves (~4kb away from islands)
DNase I hypersensitive sites
Refseq genes
Ensembl regulatory features


Cost-effective to explore the methylation status of specific regions
Single base resolution
Excellent concordance with WGBS data
High reproducibility
Thorough investigation of known and novel DMRs

Epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS)
Cancer research
Cell development study
Signaling pathway analysis

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