BGI has developed a powerful and highly secure cloud-based genomic computing platform, known as BGI Online, aims to provide easier and more effective solutions for a wide range of problems faced by bioinformaticians. With more robust software, a high level of data security, and well-designed data logistics, BGI Online liberates researchers from the constraints of limited storage space, high labor costs, data delivery, and endless command lines in data analysis.

The advantages of BGI Online:

Powerful, Efficient, and Economical
One-Stop Solution for NGS Research
Collaboration with Anyone, Anywhere
Unparalleled Safety and Security

Powerful, Efficient, and Economical

BGI Online has an integrated infrastructure with high-performance computing servers, massive data storage capabilities, and secure networking interconnection.

  • No need to set up and maintain hardware- anytime, anywhere
  • Utilize unlimited resources dynamically and Multi-tier, flexible storage
  • Seamless integration via automated API
  • Powerful metadata system for convenient data/sample management
  • Data Level Parallelism (DLP), Automatic monitoring, Smart rerun

One-Stop Solution for NGS Data Analysis

With BGI Online, users can easily combine public bioinformatics tools and our proprietary tools and resources with their own custom tools and data sets to create pipelines that fit their specific needs.

  • Ready-to-run Pipelines
    - Analyze your data according to best practices- 5 open genomics pipelines (WGS, WES, RNA-Seq, RNA-ref, single-gene genetic disease); 30+ genomics tools
    - Sophisticated expert support
  • Customized Bioinformatics Analysis
    - Full customization for parameters and pipelines
    - Drag-and-drop pipeline construction via an intuitive visual editor
  • Downstream Integration
    - Visualization
    - Clinical reporting
  • Developer-Friendly
    - Docker-based software development kit (SDK) provides easy and efficient wrapping of tools
    - Supports all major sequencing technologies and all program languages

Collaboration with Anyone, Anywhere

BGI Online users can instantly and securely share data and analysis tools on a global scale, facilitating communication with their collaborators.

  • Multiple users can participate in the same project with different access roles: Payer, Uploader, Analyst, and Manager, etc.
  • Data and tools can be shared among users
  • All activities are recorded and audited
  • Leverage pre-collected public data sets and applications
  • Publish your data or applications to get rewarded
  • Learn from other users via the BBS discussion forum

Unparalleled Safety and Security

BGI Online provides the best-in-class safety performance, ensuring the highest level of data security in the industry and compliance with clinical and diagnostic standards.

  • HIPAA ∧EU Data Protection Directive compliant
  • Fine-grained project/user privileges
  • Secure (SSL) data transfer throughout the platform
  • AES256 data encryption at rest


Get Started Today

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