1_01Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, BGI Tech brings extensive know-how and experience to the field of Autoimmune Diseases Research. Our MHC Capture Sequencing (co-developed by BGI and Roche NimbleGen) and Immune Repertoire Sequencing services provide you with solutions for biomarker discovery, disease progression analysis, pathogenesis research and drug development.

Best of Our Immune Research Products
Human MHC Capture Sequencing technology
is a top-level HLA typing capture kit. This new MHC region capture technology not only targets traditional MHC region (3.37MB), but also covers approximately 1.6Mb of the regions surrounding MHC, providing a total of 4.97Mb (chr6: 28477797-33448354) and including 8 known haplotypes. This method will help advance research and development of new medicines for immune diseases.
Immune Repertoire Sequencing (IR-SEQ)
is to amplify the complimentary determining region (CDR) of B-cell receptor (BCR) or T-cell receptor (TCR) using multiple-PCR or 5′ RACE methods, followed by high-throughput sequencing. It is used to comprehensively assess the diversity of the immune system by identifying lymphocyte receptor gene structures and profiling the expression of lymphocyte clones, and to study the underlying mechanisms and functions.
High coverage: >97% of MHC and extended regions
Accurate variation detection: >99% consistency with SNP genotyping results
Accurate HLA typing: >95% of 26 HLA genes can be typed at 4-digit resolution

Reference: An Integrated Tool to Study MHC Region: Accurate SNV Detection and HLA Genes Typing in Human MHC Region Using Targeted High-Throughput Sequencing. Cao H et al. PLoS One. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0069388 (2013).

One-stop service: Amplification of CDR/CDR3, library construction, sequencing, bioinformatics analysis and data statistics.
Specific methods: Specific primers for CDR3 V region and C region to amplify the CDR3 region, among which TRA, IGH, IGK/IGL have been applied for patents successfully.
High-fidelity amplification methods: Multiple-PCR or 5′ RACE methods to amplify different clones; the number of unique clones is as large as 105.
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The immune repertoire is mainly affected by the following three aspects:
1) Polymorphism of MHC loci; 2) Contact of antigens; 3) Consistent regulation of the immune system. BGI provides a new solution, which combines immune repertoire sequencing and MHC capture sequencing, to find the relationship between individual or population immune repertoire and HLA types. We offer validation of your immune repertoire sequencing results by MHC capture sequencing and you can get 50% off for MHC when you do immune repertoire sequencing with us.

If you require more comprehensive analysis, we offer Human AllinOne Capture Sequencing to detect not only HLA genes but all exomes. In addition, Our AllinOne Sequencing also captures Han tagSNPs for Chinese population. 

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