To bring our customers more rapid sequencing speeds as well as high-quality data, we have integrated the contactus65x53robust Ion Proton platform with our well-established service workflow and strong bioinformatics capabilities. Therefore, we are able to provide rapid Whole Exome Sequencing and RNA-Sequencing (Quantification) services with high-quality data with one to two weeks turnaround time.

Service Details:

Whole Human Exome Sequencing (100X)
599 USD per sample*

  • 100X deep exome sequencing provides better coverage and allows researchers to discover more variants.
  • Turnaround time: Only 1 week after samples pass QC (for up to 40 samples).
  • Analyses included: data filtering/QC, alignment, SNPs, InDels, and CNVs calling and annotations with information from more than 10 public and private databases (e.g., 5000 Exomes and DrugBank).
  • SNP validation of 100+ loci will be provided upon request at no additional cost to ensure the accuracy of your result.
  • Multi-plexing of 1-2 samples per Ion PITM  chip with >94% of targeted bases covered at 10X.
  • This offer is available for human only.

*Additional quantity discount available upon request

RNA-Seq (Quantification)
499 USD per 10 M clean reads or 599 USD per 20 M clean reads

  • Turnaround time: Only 9 business days after samples pass QC (for up to 40 samples).
  • Analyses included: gene expression quantification, condition-specific expression analysis, principal component analysis, differential gene expression analysis, expression pattern analysis of differentially expressed genes, gene ontology and pathway analysis.
  • Free qPCR validation of expression results on selective housekeeping genes (available for human only).
  • Novel gene searching software is provided free of charge, enabling you to quickly and easily identify results related to your specific genes of interest with one click.
  • This offer is available for eukaryotic species.

Advantages of the Ion Proton Platform:

  • Rapid turnaround time permits as little as 1 week from sample to answer.
  • Proprietary semiconductor sequencing technology with biochemistry to directly translate chemical information into digital data, eliminating the need for expensive optics and complex sequencing chemistries.
  • Scalable and flexible throughput of 1-2 human exomes or 1-6 RNA-Seq (Quantification) samples per sequencing run.
  • Highly accurate and rapid bioinformatics analyses by our strong bioinformatics capabilities and Ion Reporterâ„¢ Software.

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