Drug R&D

High-throughput technologies such as next generation sequencing, massarray and mass spectrometry represent a paradigm shift in genetic analysis that is transforming the drug discovery and development process. Pharmaceutical companies are embracing these high-throughput technologies and their many potential impacts throughout the drug discovery process.

BGI‘s Pharma & Biotech department serves pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers, providing first-class service through a dedicated solution development team, experienced bioinformatics analysts, professional project managers, and senior technical specialists. Currently 17 of the world’s 20 largest pharmaceutical companies use BGI’s services ranging from whole genome, whole exome and transcriptome sequencing to leading-edge metagenomics, proteomics and single-cell sequencing methods. Taking such a multi-omics approach helps our customers accelerate their drug R&D programs. We are committed to working with our customers and collaborators to find creative solutions to the many challenges in biopharmaceutical research.

BGI’s Solutions and Featured Services for Drug R&D

BGI provides comprehensive multi-omics solutions and services to satisfy the entire drug R&D process. The following solutions and services are developed specifically for pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers. Click on each solution to learn more:













For a list of standard BGI services, please see below:

Research Level Research Strategy Applications


Whole genome sequencing

-Detect SNPs, InDels, SVs and CNVs associated with disease

Exome sequencing

-Detect SNPs and InDels associated with disease

Target region sequencing

-Detect genes associated with disease


RNA-Seq (Transcriptome)

-Detect alternative spliced transcripts/SNPs
-Discover fusion genes

RNA-Seq (Quantification)

-Screen differentially expressed genes and expression patterns
-GO functional & KEGG pathway enrichment analysis

Small RNA sequencing

-Profile differentially expressed small RNAs
-Identify small RNAs as drug target candidates


Whole genome bilsulfite sequencing

-Identify each cytosine methylation state across the entire genome


-Study DNA methylation profiling cost-effectively
-Suitable for clinical samples, e.g. FFPE samples

MeDIP sequencing

-Screen DNA methylation regions


-Analyze protein interactions with DNA, such as histone modifications


Whole genome metagenomics survey

-Obtain whole genome information of all microbal species in a certain environment
-Pathogen studies of microbes and related drug R&D

Gut microbe related disease association analysis

-Explore the genome information of gut microbes closely related to human health and diseases 


Proteome profiling

-Map proteins localization and understand protein dynamics

Quantitative proteomics

-Identify protein differential expressions influenced by drug treatment

Modification proteomics

-Identify protein modifications

Target proteomics

-Validate protein biomarkers or protein targets, e.g. P450 family proteins


Target validation

-Validate disease associated genes