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BGI enables next-generation human disease research using technology-leading platforms for “multi-omic” analysis. Our breadth of services makes it possible to study human health and disease in Cancer, Mendelian and Complex diseases, genetic and epigenetic analysis, pathway research and more.

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Drug R&D

Next-gen sequencing and related technologies are fueling research to discover and bring to market effective, low-toxicity therapies. BGI provides our customers access to these technologies and the rich data sets they provide, helping them to accelerate the process of drug discovery and development.

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Animal / Plant

BGI has sequenced the genome of many plants and animals helping to identify markers and genes that contribute to the study of molecular breeding, agricultural production, and conservation. Our services enable you to study evolution, diversity, molecular breeding and advance agricultural science.

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The field of microorganism genomics has progressed rapidly. With more than 150 whole genome sequencers and more than 1,000 bioinformaticians, BGI can help you rapidly advance your research to explore food testing, human health, environmental testing and other applications of microbial genetics.