Working with BGI

QUESTION: Will BGI maintain confidentiality regarding my data?

ANSWER: This question comes up frequently because people are interested in knowing about the confidentiality rules and practices of a company with Chinese origin. At BGI we understand how critical the issues of confidentiality and protection of Intellectual Property are to our customers. To illustrate this we include a clearly defined confidentiality clause in our service agreement. In addition, we follow a strict access control policy and have frequent manual checking and biometric readers used at points of entry. Access is regulated through a multi-layered security model where users are separated into different security zones with limited access to different resources. We have worked successfully with most of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies for whom confidentiality is paramount, and we maintain this level of strict confidentiality for all of our customers.

QUESTION: Is BGI run by Chinese government?

ANSWER: No. BGI is a private company. It is not administered, directed or overseen by the Chinese government. BGI is an established, well-funded, highly stable stand-alone business entity.

QUESTION: Does BGI’s research arm have access to my data for their research?

ANSWER: Information from BGI’s service group does not cross business lines. The staffs are separate and
BGI’s research scientists do not have access to data from the fee-for-service branch. Please see our page about data security and access for more information.

QUESTION: How does BGI support me and consult with me on my project given the time and language barriers between the US and China?

ANSWER: To facilitate international support, BGI has established offices in the US (BGI-Americas in Boston and other locations) and Denmark (BGI-Europe in Copenhagen) to better serve its customers. This greatly diminishes language and time zone barriers. We are ready to support you when you need it in The Americas.

QUESTION: How do I send samples to China? What carrier do I use? What are the importation rules?

ANSWER: We strive to make this as easy for you as possible. BGI chose to build its main sequencing facility in Hong Kong specifically to make this process easier. Shipping to Hong Kong is more straightforward and we have had extraordinary success and experience with more than 50,000 samples handled to date. Also, BGI’s long experience with international collaborators and now customers enables us to assist customers with the process, ensuring that samples are delivered quickly and efficiently to the service lab. Please see our Shipping page for more information on how to ship sample for analysis.