BGI (formerly Beijing Genomics Institute), is now the largest genomics organization in the world and recognized as a technological leader in the field of DNA, RNA and protein analysis. Established as a top-tier research institute and with active, ongoing research projects we have been featured in over 250 journal articles and have analyzed more than 50,000 samples including tens of thousands of whole human genomes and exomes. Our background as an organization deeply involved in DNA and RNA research served as the basis for the development of our high level of expertise which we now share with the scientific community. In the years since our founding we have greatly expanded our capabilities to include genomics, epigenetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and more. We offer a wide range of services on a broad range of sample types (including FFPE preserved samples) of diverse origin (human, plant, animal, microbial) and the expertise to help you meet your research needs.


With an unmatched assembly of industry leading next gen sequencers and a staff of thousands, no project is too big for us to tackle, as attested to by Jack Gilbert of Argonne National labs. Our depth also means that we can address your needs with the most appropriate technology, accurately forecast turn-around times and rapidly complete projects with uncompromised quality*. Finally, the scale at which we operate enables us to achieve all of this and exceed your project pricing expectations**.


We continuously innovate to meet our customers’ needs as demonstrated by the development of our bioinformatics software SOAP (Short Oligonucleotide Alignment Program). With over 1,000 bioinformaticians and the experience that we have gained through sequencing thousands of human, plant, animal and microbe genomes we engineered a software program to enhance our clients’ science. We have made this algorithm available to the scientific public and it now has tens of thousands of users worldwide.


All of our expertise and services come with the security you need to feel comfortable entrusting us with your precious samples and research. We QC your sample and our work, ensure ongoing Quality Improvement, offer an extremely robust data security system and are ISO 9001:2008 certified, CSpro certified and Agilent Sure-Select certified.

Experience the Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness and Cost-Savings that BGI has to offer. Contact Us!

* “BGI has consistently provided high-quality data with a very quick turnaround time.” Dr. Eric Lin, Chairman of the Board, Otogenetics Corporation
** “BGI offered a good price and the shortest turnaround time. Our RNA samples were shipped to Hong Kong on 06/28 and the sequencing of four miRNA libraries was finished by 07/28. Five days later the advanced bioinformatics was finished.” Dr. Marcelo Menossi, University of Campinas

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